Composing An Amazing High School Essay About A Picnic With Your Family

High school students often have to write essays about their families. The subject is vast, so you should select a narrower topic. For example, compose your paper about a picnic with your family. It is a good idea to choose a narrative voice for your assignment. The following guidelines and tips will help you compose an amazing piece of writing and impress your teacher.

How to Tell Your Story in the Essay Format

Writing about your personal experience may be challenging because you have to carefully select what details you should provide in your assignment and how to express your feelings. So, it is recommended that you outline your essay before you start working on your draft. While brainstorming, try to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Describe the setting in the introduction part. Name the place where you had a picnic, indicate the season, and tell your readers something about the weather.
  2. Formulate the main idea that you would like to share with your readers.
  3. Provide some information about your family members, their occupation, age, and interests. Explain why you decided to have a picnic together.
  4. Highlight special moments that you had together. For example, narrate how you got to the picnic area, what games you played, and what meal you had.
  5. Share your feelings. Use comparisons, metaphors, and epithets. Write from the first person and avoid formal vocabulary.
  6. Create vivid descriptions. Do not simply list the facts. Answer the questions what you smelled, tasted, saw, heard, felt, and touched.
  7. How to Complete Your Essay: Impressive Ideas

    You should revise your draft and improve it by organizing your thoughts in chronological order and cutting unnecessary details. If you have such an option, you should consider preparing a photo essay or an assignment with pictures. Either way, this will impress your instructor. However, ask him or her whether you are allowed to do so or not and what requirements you should bear in mind.
    For a photo essay, you need to have great pictures of your family picnic. If you do not have them, you may ask your family members for some photos for your project or else you can draw a picture to illustrate your writing. Some students even create collages or graphic novels instead of a traditional paper. You should remember that this type of work requires plenty of time, so if you have a tight deadline, it makes sense to use your draft to write a typical five-paragraph piece of writing.