List Of 23 Good Critical Essay Topics About Hamlet

There is a wide range of different topics that can be used when discussing Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as well as a range of different approaches that one might take.

  1. How does the text in Hamlet compare with some of Shakespeare’s other tragedies?
  2. Outline and discuss the way in which Hamlet has been received by audiences in the centuries since it was written
  3. Discuss the use of rhetoric in Hamlet
  4. To what extent does Hamlet include ponds and other plays on words?
  5. Discuss the use of religious symbolism in Hamlet, and how it relates to Denmark
  6. Discuss the possible use of plot devices in Hamlet and whether they are effective
  7. Outline and discuss the dramatic structure of Hamlet and the way in which Shakespeare focuses more on characters was a relatively unique approach at the time
  8. Hamlet is frequently reduced from its original length: what impact does this have on the way in which the play is received?
  9. Compare and contrast the language and structure of the various versions of Hamlet
  10. Why is Hamlet such a popular play?
  11. Analyze the way in which characters are introduced in Act I of Hamlet
  12. Discuss the way in which Shakespeare portrays the characters of Ophelia and Gertrude
  13. Discuss the theme of revenge in Hamlet and how the events unfold
  14. Discuss the critical analysis by various psychoanalysts in the 20th century
  15. In what way have feminists used critical analysis of Hamlet in order to establish and understand the way in which women were viewed and treated around the time that it was written?
  16. Discuss why it is believed that Claudius may be not only a symbolic father figure to Prince Hamlet, but actually a biological one as well
  17. Sigmund Freud refers to an Oedipal desire that Prince Hamlet has for his mother – outline various aspects of the play that helped him to form his opinion
  18. What does Hamlet mean when he says “What a piece of work man is”?
  19. Discuss the use of Catholicism and Protestantism in Hamlet
  20. What role, if any, has Hamlet had on modern day religion in Denmark and around the world?
  21. To what extent is Hamlet a reflection of religious thinking in historical and modern day Denmark?
  22. Discuss the use of hesitations used throughout Hamlet and what they lend to the text
  23. Compare and discuss the themes of narcissism and morning, as used in Hamlet