Topics For A Descriptive Essay: 20 Best Suggestions

Writing a descriptive essay can be the most difficult thing in high school if you don’t know what you’re doing, but when you do it becomes a piece of cake. Soon you will see that thinking of a great title is super easy, and simple. You just need to know the best methods that are out there, since there are so many to choose from. However, not all methods will help you as your circumstances might be different to otherness. Read this article to the end to find out what the best methods are. With that notion here are 20 best topic suggestions for a descriptive essay.

  1. Describe a place where you and your pet like spending time
  2. Describe an experience that you really enjoyed
  3. Describe a near death experience that had
  4. Describe a television to someone from the middle ages
  5. Describe your oldest memory that you can remember
  6. Describe what you felt the first time you went to school
  7. Describe what it’s like to study at your school
  8. Describe what your parents are like
  9. Describe what it would be like to live in the year 2100
  10. Describe what it would be like to live in ancient Egypt
  11. Describe someone you really miss
  12. Describe a funny moment that happened to you in the past year
  13. Describe your “happy place”
  14. Describe a place that you have dreamed of, but doesn’t exist in real life
  15. Describe your pet animal
  16. Describe what it would be like to be blind
  17. Describe what it would be like to be death
  18. Describe a person you really dislike
  19. Describe one of your most embarrassing moments
  20. Describe a time where something unexpected happened

Here are just a few titles that you could use yourself, but make sure that you will enjoy the project. As working on a subject that you have no interest in can make you become depressed. Instead pick a title that you know you will have a good time doing you want to stay positive throughout the project, since it would feel like work but a hobby. Of course you can pick a title that you have no clue about, but you will have to do the research.