Where Should I Look For An Example Essay About Myself?

If you should write about yourself and don’t know how to approach the task, you are not alone. The majority of students encounter difficulties with their personal essays. It isn’t surprising. Lots of things should be considered: from choosing an intriguing topic idea for your paper to deciding which details from your life can be used in this piece of writing. By using successful examples of personal writing, you’ll learn the nuances of the task and get inspired to do your own work.

Places to Check

Good examples can be found both on the Internet and offline. The best places include:

  • Your school library.
  • Essay anthologies and textbooks on academic writing contain high-quality papers. Consider looking for personal narratives by famous writers as well. Even though the structure and format of such works may differ from what you are required, the choice of ideas and the methods of revealing these ideas will definitely impress and inspire you.

  • A writing center.
  • If there is a writing center in your school, use it to the full. You’ll get necessary assistance in composing the paper about yourself and be provided with the best examples of personal writing by previous students.

  • Online writing labs.
  • Browse the website of any popular writing lab in search of the necessary samples. The task of writing about yourself is one of the commonest student assignments, so it’s more than likely that an essay or two on the topic will be available there.

  • Blogs and forums.
  • Whether it is a writing blog or a student forum, use it to your advantage. Leave a comment explaining what you need and asking for help. If you are an active and recognizable user, you’ll get helpful responses quite soon. Some of your online friends may share their own personal papers with you while some others may prompt useful links.

Helpful Tips

  • Look for free samples.
  • It may be tempting to hire a professional writer to create a sample for you and rest assured that it is qualitative enough to be used as a model. Don’t do this. After all, no one knows you better than you do, and you’ll anyway be required to compose a completely fresh piece.

  • Find as many examples as possible.
  • The more essays you look through, the more chances you have to understand the principles of personal writing. You cannot borrow the plot or separate ideas from available examples, but you can learn how to effectively start your paper, how to write about sensitive things, and what tricks to apply to end your work effectively.